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The Proag Sunfilm Gold bale wrap is the leading choice of bale wrap in North America and has become a popular choice among New Zealand Contractors and Farmers Since Proag introduced the brand to New Zealand more than 10 years ago.

The Current Gold II multilayer blown silage film is continuing to provide results of high quality Balage for the Farming industry.
The Proag Sunfilm silage wrap can be applied to a number of crops including Grass, Lucerne, Corn and many others.





- 6-layer, co-extruded, laminated, blown film providing outstanding strength minimising film breakages
- High oxygen permeability minimising crop spoilage- UV stabilised to suit New Zealand climate 
- Advanced tack Technology providing reduced tails and increased seal for quality balage
- Both Round and Square Bale application
- High puncture resistance ensuring bale sealing - Both round and square bale application
- Stretch between 55% up to a maximum of 75%, recommended 70% 
- Plastic cores preventing core collapse in wet conditions.


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