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Maxxcord® is a premium quality polypropylene baler twine that is the ultimate solution for High Density large square balers. Maxxcord® is produced with an exclusive technology that makes it the only “knotter-friendly” twine in the market that runs smoothly in all HD balers, holding the heaviest, densest bales without problems.

Maxxcord® is a revolutionary, high knot performance twine that ensures trouble-free tying, less maintenance costs and less damage and abrasion to the knotters. Maxxcord’s® high integrity knots won’t slip or break, it’s a quality and performance difference that is clear to see. Maxxcord’s® distinct pink color ensures the twine is easy to spot.

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Customers using Maxxcord®

 Quigley Contracting - Ashburton                                                Lancaster Brothers Contracting - Christchurch