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The Proag Silage & Grain Bags are made from premium quality resins ensuring superior puncture and tear resistance maintaining optimum storage conditions for the crop.  The Proag Silage Bags are manufactured to function on all types of bagging machines.

The Grain Bags are manufactured with thicker walls and increased strength to withstand the greater pressure applied to the bag from the grain.

- Tight packing of the crop into the bag ensures an oxygen-free storage environment.

- Superior strength and punture resistance from premium grade resins.

- Black inner minimises nutritional loss due to bleaching and blocks light transmission.

- UV protected at levels suitable for New Zealand climate.

- Outstanding manufacturing technologies ensure product consistency.

- Silage bags are suitable for grass silage, grain silage, cereal silage, lucerne and more.

- Grain bags are suitable for all grains.

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